1.OIL SUPPLYCheck your oil tank to see whether you have run out of oil. If you have run out the boiler will have “locked out” but do not try and reset with no oil!! If you have run out of oil you will need to call an OFTEC engineer as the oil supply will need […]

1.GAS SUPPLY Try one of your other gas appliances if you have one such as a hob, cooker or fire to see if the gas supply is ok to your property. If there appears to be no gas and you are on a pre-payment gas meter, check that you have credit and it hasn’t run […]

There are many dangers associated with carbon monoxide, some of which are short term problems and some of which can be permanently damaging or even fatal.
Carbon monoxide poisoning can come about through a number of sources, and these can be everyday items and appliances used within the home or at work.
Once carbon monoxide has been […]

On 21st October 2009, the EU adopted a framework for setting the efficiency requirements of energy-related products called the ErP Directive. Energy-related products are those that either use energy or have an indirect impact on energy consumption – such as tyres, bulbs or shower heads. Improving the efficiency of those across the EU will reduce […]

What does the new legislation mean for you? From 6th April 2018 the legislation around heating manufacture and installation in the UK is changing, and there are some big changes. These changes have been named Boiler Plus and are being introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). They address the energy […]

The iron and steel components in central heating systems are vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. This produces a sludge which can block different parts of the system, principally the boiler heat exchanger, pump or the radiators leading to costly repairs. Old, cast iron pipes were usually a few centimetres in diameter but more modern pipework […]