Try one of your other gas appliances if you have one such as a hob, cooker or fire to see if the gas supply is ok to your property. If there appears to be no gas and you are on a pre-payment gas meter, check that you have credit and it hasn’t run out. Otherwise if you think you have no gas call a Gas Safe registered engineer



Check your programmer/timeclock to see if it’s on and a power cut hasn’t reset the timings/settings. Check your room thermostat is turned up. If you have a digital timeclock and there is no display or lights on, check to see whether one of your electrical circuits has tripped at the consumer unit/fuse board



If you have a pressure gauge on your boiler or heating system, check the pressure. Some gauges have two needles; the red one is a marker and the black one is the actual system pressure. The pressure should be between 1-2 bar. If the pressure has dropped below this it will need topping up by either the external filling loop or a filling link on your boiler (some models require a key to be inserted and twisted to use the filling link). If you are unsure check your boiler manufacturer’s instructions. If the boiler pressure drops regularly (more than twice a year) there is a problem, you will need to call a professional as it will be detrimental to the health of your boiler and heating system to keep topping up the pressure on a regular basis

External filling loop







Boiler filling link









If the condensate pipe (a white plastic drain pipe which is connected to the boiler) runs externally it might have frozen if you have been experiencing freezing weather conditions. To thaw out the pipework pour lots of warm water (not boiling as this might crack the pipe) over the external pipe. You may also have to reset the boiler once it has thawed, if so see below. If the condensate pipe has frozen then it might be inadequately sized or require insulating please seek the advice of a professional.



Finally try resetting your boiler by following the manufacturer’s instructions. If your boiler has a LCD display or indicator neon’s it might display a fault code, read the manual to follow the manufacturer’s recommended actions. Be sure to write any fault codes you find down as if you need to call an engineer this information might save valuable time

If you have an older boiler it might have a pilot light (if it has a pilot light it will mention this in the instructions), check to see if it has blown out. If it has try to relight according to the instructions and if it still doesn’t light or it keeps blowing out call a Gas Safe registered engineer.


If you have been through all of the above steps and your boiler still isn’t working